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If you are thinking about raising money, you must have a technical co-founder.

As suggested by Cooper, first thing I would do is figure out whether there is demand for the product you plan on building. A good way to get consumer feedback is via landing/lead pages. You can run a add on Facebook or any other social media for quick feedback.

Once you have data that shows demeand for your product, you should focus on getting a technical co-founder. I would highly recommend not to hire a freelancer or dev shop to build the first iteration (especially since you have no tech skills). Having an in-house expert and building the web app right from the beginning will save you from many headaches in the future. Focus all your energy on finding a technical co-founder, that will be the best use of your time at this point.

A good place to start would be pitching your friends and family. First, make sure you have a great story and are able to convey what you are building/problem you are solving to anyone. Some investors might not be familiar with your field, thus your first objective should be to convey your product to anyone (a 10 year old should be able to understand what you are doing).

Once you have a great story you can move on to pitching to other founders/investors, there are plenty of experts here on Clarity that can provide you with amazing feedback. Make a list of 5-10 people here on clarity who have experience pitching to investors, set up a call with them and get their feedback.

I need more information about your individual situation to provide a better answer. What type of business are you interested in starting? What is your background? How much money would you like to generate from this online business? How much time are you able to commit to it?

With a general question like above, you will get a very general answer.

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