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I can help you choose the best most efficient way to bringing your business online and avoid costly mistakes that can kill your business from the get go. I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and can help you too. I can answer your most challenging questions and give you a blueprint for success. You will have 100% satisfaction or your money back.

The majority of my clients prefer to stay private and I do respect their privacy. Here are some examples of the clients I have setup who have given me permission to use their sites as example.


I created countless other stores on platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, twitter, eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Bonanza, Overstock , Ubid, Poshmark, etc... for my clients as part of their Multi-Channel sales strategy.

My in depth knowledge will help you choose right and stay on course for long term success of your online business.

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I won't repeat the same info as the previous experts already provided. I will add to it that in order to even get accepted in their marketplaces, your business must have at least 12 consequtive months of sales and show either a steady income for those months or a growing income. The more categories you have ungated will add more trust and more value to your business. The more successful ASINs, the better for your valuation.
Also remember that the business you sell must allow the new owner a way to continue sourcing the products as you do now and the buyer will most likely have you sign a non competition agreement baring you from selling in the same niche or selling on Amazon all together for a number of years.

The price you get is for the business only and does not include inventory. So you need to sell them the inventory separately if they want it.

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