Jairo Sánchez Experienced executive in Supply Chain Management

Electronics engineer with post-graduate studies in telematics and an MBA with major in Supply Chain Management from Universidad de los Andes – Colombia, trilingual (English, Portuguese and Spanish) Interested in continuous improvement and operational excellence initiatives; with experience in consumer industries and manufacturing at Colombia, Latin America and Caribbean; wide experience in process reengineering and management of physical and financial resources. More than 15 years managing business units in multinational companies optimizing the supply chain process, developing strategies for customer service and leading strategic planning processes and organizational change.

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Hi Jeremy.

I understood your need in a better detail when I went to greggpartners.com; at first, there are several options, the best one will depend on the internal experience your people have; If there is someone or more team mates knowing the same platform, it will give you learning curve leverage.

Nonetheless, assuming you have solved the stage above, as per my consultant experience; some conversations with colleagues and the answers you have received, JIRA, Trello y Basecamp are user friendly, easy setting up and have the right tools to track schedules, tasks and deadlines.

All of them have very good teams working on improvements: particularly, Atlassian the guys behind JIRA are always innovating and releasing new features focused not only on IT but in cosultancy.

Make the best choice. Take care!

Hi, there is a maxim "structure follows strategy"; as per your words, you have clear points about your strategy, goals and the road you want to follow.

It looks like you already have a C level meeting and there is a clear need; you are in a realignment and sustaining success situation so go ahead hiring the COO, sometimes democracy is not the best choice.

Hi there.

No matter where you are; Kickstarter, gofundme or indiegogo are really good crowdfunding options

Take care

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