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Founder of ValueCrates. Speechwriter/communication advisor for Army Generals; wrote for White House, Congress, Secretary of Defense. Manage over $1Mil/month in ad spend on Google, Bing and Facebook. Seen on MSNBC and Huffington Post.

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The homepage slider does not effectively communicate exactly what you do. "Total Solution in Auto Components..." doesn't tell me what you do. You do a better job in your products page with the "We specialize in Sheet Metal and Precision Fabricated assemblies of various industrial applications."

When you promote your business, whether it's on the homepage or with ads/content/PR etc, you need to be very clear in your messaging, specifically what it is that you do, who you do it for, and what the benefit (not feature!) is for the customer.

I'll tell you what investors told me - without someone else in the business, you don't have a business.

Of course, everything depends on the particulars of your specific situation and what you are looking for. But if you're looking to raise funding, they are going to want to see a team. A) so that you pass the "bus test" - that is, if you got hit by a bus, would the business (and their investment) continue to exist? And B) because investors weigh the strength of the team almost above the strength of the underlying technology or service.

I think with a $450 swing between your highest value and lowest value customers, it's not instructive to bunch everyone together and average things out. I'd break up the cohorts a bit and run an analysis like that. Whether it be by demographic, order type, order size, net need to find some more granular veins of data in there in order to make better marketing decisions.

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