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Formerly an engineer then a recruiter, I decided I could no longer work for the man and wanted to live life on my terms. So almost 2 decades ago (in 2000) I created an online job site that helped others to work overseas. As my online journey evolved, I found that I could have a kick-arse lifestyle, multiple sources of income and do work I am passionate about through affiliate marketing. Now I focus on what I am good at and what I am excited about and outsource the rest. For fun, I love helping others to do the same. Maybe I can help you?

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One word - Udemy. Find something that inspires and helps you grow. Wait for it to go on ridiculous sale (like $200 to $15) - it always does. This will help get you into a daily positive mindset vital for you next steps. Finding some kind of work to keep the wolves away from the door and allows you the headspace and a little time to develop your ideas and for personal growth. Get the book "The Slight Edge" from your library - read it daily and prepare a list of the next books to read. Save as much of the $385 left over as you can for the adventures ahead! Finally enjoy the journey as much as possible.

I use Calm which is a meditation App. A daily practice of meditation is easily the best thing you can do to enhance your productivity and growth. Headspace is another one. Seems all a bit woo woo for some people I know. Do a search on Business People Who Meditate

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