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Live life on your terms. Are you inspired to create something that can make a difference and have time freedom with great potential financially? Over many years, I have personally found that affiliate websites were the best return on Time, Money and Passion for helping others. Maybe you are on the same journey. No matter where you are at, let me help get you on the right path. Send me a message to see if I can help.

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One word - Udemy. Find something that inspires and helps you grow. Wait for it to go on ridiculous sale (like $200 to $15) - it always does. This will help get you into a daily positive mindset vital for you next steps. Finding some kind of work to keep the wolves away from the door and allows you the headspace and a little time to develop your ideas and for personal growth. Get the book "The Slight Edge" from your library - read it daily and prepare a list of the next books to read. Save as much of the $385 left over as you can for the adventures ahead! Finally enjoy the journey as much as possible.

I use Calm which is a meditation App. A daily practice of meditation is easily the best thing you can do to enhance your productivity and growth. Headspace is another one. Seems all a bit woo woo for some people I know. Do a search on Business People Who Meditate

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