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Hi! Hope you're doing great!
I've work and interact with several co-works, helping them, as part of them with memberships and also using their facilities to organize events, i've seen a lot of them grow and some fail.

So, i can share some strategies to have in mind :

1)Offer special discounts for the opening of the co-work for a limited time.

2)Always communicate the benefits of working in your co-work, and why they should go there.

3)Invite communities to use your facilities for meetups and similar events.

4)Go out and reach your potentials customers like business , tech students and startups.

5) You've said "we",so one of you should be focus only in business development, is the easiest and fastest way you're going to grow.

If you want some help developing more in deep these strategies i will gladly help you.


Hi there!
The best recipe : Build an strong personal brand.
Before i went into the business side i was a front-end developer. I am currently part of various tech , business and entrepreneurs communities.

Your plan is right , take all the courses you can, build a nice portfolio , just a small change , don't wait to do all this before attending technology Meet-ups, the tech community is always willing to help others, introduce yourself , say what you're looking for and there is a great change that the will help you.

If you want some help developing your personal brand, i will gladly help you with that.


Hi there!
A couple of ideas you can use , in order to save money and develop the team without breaking the bank;

-The first and the most utilized, look for co-founders , and give them a % of the business, always have in mind that for this kind of business the magic number is 3, a person who build it, a person that sales it, and one that scale the business.

-Hire someone , don't pay too much but give him/them a % of equity and/or a small amount of commission per sale.

-I don't know in what country are you, but, look for government incentives for SMBs (non-reimbursable contributions) , you can use those funds to increase your capital and afford the business team.

-Finally, you can also look for sponsors in order to get more capital.

If you need more help with some of there actions, i will gladly help you.


Hi Sergey! Hope you're doing great! Let's review some key points , based in my experience working with Latin American Startups(that sometimes/often are in a similar position) and also from a Web Design Agency that i own in a niche market what i can tell you is:

-The main issue from what you're telling is distrust, credibility, or skepticism and the best medicine against that is to show your work, there is no other way they're going to work with you , you're clients wants to feel secure about making the right choice , and the best way to do it is to show that you can solve their problems or fulfill their needs.

-Customers will always want quality service, that you treat them right and that your product or service give them something unique, no matter where you're from, so you should always focus in those aspects.

-If we all look to the origin of the startup ?, the ones as us that are in the "industry" , we may give a look to the origin , but it's rare that the general public is aware of that. So as long as you maintain great quality and service,
the market will favor you.

-About the forums, i think that you just landed the wrong people , opinion towards Easter Europe in changing in a good way, just to give you an example; we are all amazed with Estonia Digital Citizenship.

Finally, you should just go straightforward and land some clients in the Western World, begin with a niche or something small , until you have the credibility and strength to land bigger clients.

If you need some help with this last point, i will gladly help you with the strategy to land some clients in the western world in order to begin and grow your business there.


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