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Founder and owner of Adtastic Hosting LLC an Internet services company in business since 1998 serving clients across the globe. Specializing in responsive website design, eCommerce, Text Message Marketing and search engine marketing.

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Having worked with all ecommerce platforms I agree woocommerce is best in terms of using directly as a plugin with wordpress.

I don't necessarily agree it is the best out of the box shopping cart that can be used with wordpress however.

You could put the store in a subdirectory of the wordpress site and use any out of the box software my favorite as the most professional with tons of plugins available is either prestishop or zencart. This would provide a lot more possibilities.

We own a text message marketing company with one of the most comprehensive yet affordable platforms at that can accomplish everything you mention. Feel free to check it out and try the free demo and if necessary we can schedule a free call for any questions you may have.

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