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We use a stack of:

- Intercom: Besides having a chat with the user, you have a lot of usage data from them. Also, you can create auto-messages. If they're done in the right way, they can be pretty personal.

- HelpScout docs: for knowledge base. It's a great tool for creating content and organizing it.
- Wistia: To upload videos and see how users are interacting with it
- Screencast O-Matic for screencasts: sometimes you have to show things for users, so this it's the best free option out there.
- For recording audios: It helps you to give more personal (if you know which language users know)
- Skype and telephone: Last but not least. To really understand customer at early stage, you should talk to them and still telephone works pretty well for that :)

It's a mix of tools who makes them to feel more personal :)

It'll be cool if you have more details about it :)

Are you a e-commerce, SaaS solution, service provider?

For each one, there're some approaches for it.

Besides, there's also the right moment to ask for it.

For example: If you sell products, you can use SurveyMonkey to ask for feedback some days after the user receives the product.

If you're a Saas solution, you can ask for feedback:

1-) Right after the user converts in your solution
2-) You can ask via call and ask for their permission to use.

It all depends from your solution and moment for using it :)

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