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Veteran and firm owner with an established history in PR and working with celebrities, stylists, editors, fashion shows and events.


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From my experience, which has helped clients get into stores like Nordstrom and others alike, you would eventually need a sales rep or team with connections to the buyers. However Public Relations can be your first stepping stone and way to under cut any other competition vying for the space in the same store. You want to promote your brand organically by having it featured by credible sources (who are not paid) like certain magazines, online sites, tv segments and by celebrities/influencers. These placements help build a press portfolio for your company which then gives your eventual sales team a tool to use when pitching your product to buyers. With the right placements, approval can be powerful and land you in big stores as well as boutiques and eliminate possible competitors. I hope this is a helpful answer and if you have any questions or would like to discuss this in more detail feel free to reach out! Best of luck!

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