Cedric Holtzserial social entrepreneur in developing countries

The most exciting is to look for a solution when at first having no clue how to get started or what to do next.
Launched 7 firms on 4 continents, sporting 3 masters (2x Science, 1x MBA INSEAD), currently reflecting upon the next incorporation.

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I’m definitely not an expert on those matters though as a small entrepreneur operating across continents this is a kind of issue I often have.

My rule of thumb is to use Paypal only for small amounts because it is usually the easiest and with a low fixed commission; but it is also the most expensive for larger amounts. My Paypal account is linked to my bank accounts in the different countries. I top up the Paypal account or withdraw from the Paypal account in the currencies of the bank account hence avoiding foreign exchanges (which are expensive via Paypal). I can give my PayMe link and receive money from a Paypal account or a credit card. I can also send to a third party Paypal account.

For larger amounts, say USD 200 to 10 000, I use the services of online foreign exchange specialists. Not all currency pairs are traded by the various online foreign exchange specialists I use. I have been pleased by the competitiveness and execution of WorldFirst and Fexco. Then using those platforms is a blessing because I can wire money onto their local account (they provided a EUR account, a USD account, a GBP account, a WST account, a FJD account, a AUD account) as if I was doing a local transfer (for no fee - EUR - or small fee - FJD), then they exchange the money into the chosen currency at the fore-quoted and agreed rate and remit onto the account I provided (either one of mines or one of a third party). For receiving money, it is the same process though it is a bit more cumbersome since I have to explain to the third party why I give them the bank account of a foreign exchange specialist and not of my business.

I hope this helps. I wish you good luck. If ever you come up with a better solution before your firm is a multinational with offices (and bank accounts) on all continents, let me know, I’m always happy to improve my processes.

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