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Great question and one many people struggle with and part of the reason people get frustrated or afraid to invest in online marketing. They have a great product or service but (a) don't know how to find their exact target audience who has money and (b) how to monetize it or generate leads to then monetize it. Funnels are the best way to do so, automate the process and weed out people who have no interest in your product.

There are several softwares out there that work quite well, lead pages is a popular one, I prefer Click Funnels for the amount of freedom and ease of creativity / integration capability along with support.

I am generating all my traffic from highly targeted FB ads and also LinkdeIn by directing them to my funnel which is converting around 10% right now which is quite good

To answer your question more specifically I would have to know more about your industry, however you may want more than 2 steps in your funnel depending on your goal. Giving away value first could be a step to capture contact info, then possibly a detailed question page, then sale page, then schedule a call page etc depends on what you are trying to accomplish

Or perhaps, opt in , sale page, up sell, down sell, checkout, thank you page to increase profits

Quite easy to do, just need to fully understand your audience and your end goal

I also have a bit of a secret source to see the best converting funnels in almost any industry you can get ideas from, happy to share if you like. Saves a ton of time and see the ones that are making money which can give you ideas regards to copy for your funnel

Facebook and Linkdein are both great tools if you know how to use the advanced features and not waste time, I could easily go into more detail based on who you are trying to reach what the best method to do so. We are helping a client right now and generated about 50 sales last week via FB

I also have this offer: I will reveal your top 2-3 competitors and their best marketing strategies for free. So you can see the people in your niche, how and where they are spending money on advertising and use that to your advantage and can also incorporate content you know that is already converting into your funnel page

Let's setup a call for some follow up questions and answers.

Thank you for your time and great question
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