As a lover of digital technology and advocate for working smarter, not harder, I strongly believe that today's technological landscape provides me with endless opportunities to be the dot connector solution provider for businesses and clients, within various industries, whilst also providing me with the option to fortify identified gaps with my ability to think creatively and strategically; utilise my varied digital strategy and marketing dexterity, visual designing skill set as well as, geospatial technological background to offer varied technological solutions to clients with the aim of providing profitable target audience reach and scope, reduce cost and satisfy growing, and ever-changing customer demands.

I have integrated my forward-thinking approach to over ten (10) organizations ranging from local community groups, small businesses and international firms.

My current portfolio knows no bounds as in 2012, I became a believer of my own digital technological gospel when I launched my own women-focused digital resource platform for a community of millennials which was primarily designed to provide content and opportunities to help women enhance their knowledge, access to resources and build meaningful networks:

To date, I have helped over 500 women globally to diversify their network connections, and empower themselves socially and economically.

My accolades and commendation include:

- Women's Entrepreneur Day, Jamaica Youth Ambassador for 2015;
- Iconic Women Inspiring Change 2017;
- Young Leader of the Americas Initiative Fellow 2017 (for the Jamaican cohort), and:
- My selection as Ignite Caribbean, 30 under 30 Caribbean American Emerging Leader 2018.

Interested in what I can deliver digitally and technologically, email me at and let us kick start and enhance your new digital journey.

Recent Answers

I would tell my 18-year-old self to spend more time identifying what I enjoy doing. In your case, I suggest you do the same. Identify what make you feel fulfilled? Then answer the questions, how does it align with what you would like to do or how you see yourself 2 years, 5 years or 10 years from now?

Don't get caught up doing what everyone else is doing, instead spend time exploring your different interests, dream BIG and don't limit yourself.

When I graduated from university, there were very few job opportunities which meant I had to 'start somewhere' with what I had, in that case, I utilised my skills. I used my challenges as an opportunity to kickstart an online business, then created an award-winning blog until I got my front in the door for the field in which I studied - which was an unpaid internship opportunity that led to a permanent position.

What I am saying is, our journeys are entirely different - so be open-minded, don't overlook opportunities and turn your challenges into opportunities, they will be a great tool for growth both as an individual and professional.

If you believe in your idea, give it a shot and invest every time in working on it. But don't dismiss other opportunities. If you get the opportunity to work full-time give it a shot and work on your business idea. Juggle both until you can make headway.

All the best!

I believe it's important to create a brand for yourself outside of your organization - it helps to define who you are and what others can expect from you on a professional level. Personal branding is powerful when it is aligned with your purpose, talent and gifts - it's the tool that makes you stand apart from your peers and competitors.

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