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I am the head of Business Development at MILLENNIUM Magazine based in NYC. I have 10 years combined Marketing, Media Advertising and Business Development experience. I actively consult a wide variety of startups and companies, and specialize in assisting consumer brand development and emerging technology businesses. Contact me if you'd like to pick my brain for a few hours, more time is always welcomed.

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It depends on your skill level and experience. I'm working with a full stack programmer who used to work for a successful online radio station for over 5 years as Sr. Developer, and I've generated over 40k worth of freelance projects in just two months by using sites like Angel.co, StackOverflow, Behance, applying direct on company sites and a few other hacker boards. There is a skill and a tact to get the leads I've discovered. I'd be happy to share all my tips with you over a call anytime.

Hi, I love naming and branding! Plug.Press would be great for it! Feel free to book a call to help you decide on variations or if you need any more assistance.

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