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Founding Partner @RocketSource and @InTheKnow. Co-Founder Full Stack Marketing Co (Exited '14). Co-Founder/Investor in 2 Medical/Financial-Based Businesses (Exited '12 & '13). Founder Full Stack Ad/Marketing Co. (Exit + Royalty '06). Creator of CMS SaaS Product (Exited '02). Early Growth Team Member of Inc 500 Unicorn >$250mm rev. Strategic M&A, Digital Marketing, Online, SaaS, Mobile, UX/UI, Product, Biz Dev, Inbound & Content Marketing, Growth, Data, Full Stack Growth + Marketing. Advise Founders/Execs of Emerging Growth Cos.

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Possible, yes. Good idea, probably not. This is not a solid growth plan over the long run and the road to shared equity is wrought with tons of problems. Having been on both sides of the equity equation and having had both failure and success from equity arrangements, you need to be very very deliberate and decisive about your approach. On another note, your % is way off base, so much so that it would scare away the best-in-class partners while attracting the losers.

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