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Having a virtual assistant is the new way of doing business, you are thinking practically.
Advantages and Disadvantages work either side the way you initiate the process.

As you have asked for the advantages there is surely a list to it, its as follows:
1) Healthy to your pocket, as you hire a virtual assistant for the duration you actually need them for.
2) You save on space-cost as all work is done in their space, and the best part you aren't paying for it.
3) The virtual assistants are really productive as they are working in their comfort zones.

Surely, there are disadvantages when you hire a virtual assistant. But I could help you be well prepared with the appointment pattern, process of daily work, target mentoring etc.

Do let me know if you think you need my support to have a strong system to have a virtual team.


Normally in such cases people tend to ignore the fact that you have a fix to their problems and so they tend to under look your proposal. That is what is happening with you.

You have to understand the market and actually find the person who could give time to know you and your product.

Further you also need to have a way to present those business to those people who take you.

Also you need to consider your take and acceptance of the product that you are selling.

So if you think you need those above steps some brushing and showing do feel free to contact me.
I will be helping you surely with my experience. You just need to share as a friend. There will be some solution.


Surely the sources you are tying are going to be great. The things you have to teach small businesses needs very interesting and precise content in terms of acceptance, as new and small business are having very less to spend as it hurts their pockets. So you have to be a real perfect master.
There has to be many accurate keywords that you use in the description of the video so as to attract viewers and payments.
Most importantly there are ways & techniques to check the acceptance of video before you post it for the world. Those techniques will surely help you launch a great product.

If you wish to listen to those inputs and techniques do reach me here. I will be readily available to understand and guide things as a friend.

It is great hearing that you business is doing such a sale. Congratulations.
You could have a contract Lawyer as at this current state you would not like to spend on a full time Lawyer who hurts your pockets as a fixed expense.
A Lawyer should be trust worthy so I would suggest having one from your contacts and references.
If the need is really very urgent you should look for the options, meet them personally, express your needs, understand their workings and if you feel all you queries were solve then appoint one of them as a contract Lawyer.

As the type of business isn't mentioned I would suggest someone having:
1. Business and partnering agreements
2. Click-through and Web-wrap agreements
3. User agreements and terms of service
4. Website development agreements
5. Software licenses
5. Privacy policies and related disclosures
6. Advertising placement and insertion orders
7. Co-marketing and distribution arrangements
8. Web hosting agreements
9. Content licenses
10. Application service provider agreements.

Now as per your requirements kindly find one.

All the very best for your future.

First of all congratulations for the huge start and following orders.
But, I realise the team is not working full time on the project as its a start up you have to work day and night throughout on the same idea and get the issues solved. Make sure the team is dedicated towards working on Idea and initially not running behind money for at least 2 years. If the motive of joining hands is just money you all need to reconsider working and get it placed for a better motive. Money will flow in automatically.

For getting funds you have to make a project plan and submit it to various VC's around who fund a start ups. You need to understand the way in which the VC funds and accordingly do the little bit of changes and then apply.

I am sure you will find a way.

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