Gladys Marie ClancyI help professionals build a life they can love.

Pursuing business success can stress your personal life... I can help.

Whether you want to find the perfect life partner… or fix your current situation. Whether you want to survive a divorce with confidence, dignity, and a vision for your future... or keep the flame of a great connection burning for years to come, I know what to do (and not do) and I can help you.

For over 35 years, have been committed to promoting happy relationships and healthy families. Have helped 1,000’s of men, women and children go from frustrated, disillusioned and confused, to living the empowered life they desire.

Spent 8 years working for the US Air Force in Germany, building relationships with commanders and even the general in charge of NATO Operations in Europe... Taught in the inner-city... Developed programs for a psychiatric hospital... Helped people reinvent themselves... Found solutions for persons in financial crisis... Helped people go through divorce with peace and dignity... Helped professionals find, keep and enjoy a happy, healthy relationship.

As co-founder and Relationship Specialist for Sassy Woman's Guide to Appreciating Men, I help professionals understand how to find, keep and enjoy healthy, happy relationships.

Wrote and published a 10-hour on-line course, Sassy Woman’s Guide to Appreciating Men.

Now you may be thinking, “Appreciating men? No thanks, not at the moment!” But I assure you, personal power and influence are the outcomes here.

Have developed and led countless interactive full-day live, group seminars. Conducted private Relationship Rescue Consultations and New Beginning Consultations. Written a column in Sibyl Magazine. Been seen on Divorce Connection Network and heard on Wow Wed Radio for Women’s Prosperity Network. Been interviewed by Dr Shelley Plumb, for Plumb Talk Women.

As co-founder and Communications Specialist for Move On Without Bitterness, I work with Collaborative Divorce Attorneys to help their clients create a vision for their future. This clarity helps remove fear, lowers resistance to make agreements, helps foster healthy co-parenting, and helps resolve resentment and blame.

Feuding couples either get back together or get an amicable divorce, and move on without bitterness to live vibrant, confident, lives.

I completed the Introductory Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice Training, which meets the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals Standards and Ethics.

Of course, a healthy relationship requires a healthy sense of self. If body image is an issue, I wrote a book, Divine Weight-loss, which can help stop the self-sabotage that so often accompanies weight-loss.

As co-founder and Chief Trainer of Innovative Business Training, I help professionals reinvent themselves and transition after a significant life event (such as job loss, divorce, loss of a business, etc); to move through the uncertainty and confusion with confidence.

If you have a question about building a life you can love...or about crisis-proofing the happy life you have, then contact me for a FREE consultation. (772) 485-5597

Recent Answers

The negative truth is when I started, I often worked till 4 am, missing the chance to snug and share a bed with my husband… I missed meals together, evenings of quiet conversation, and sometimes even my son’s cross-country meet.
What would I do differently?
1- I’d take inventory of the ACTIONS I want to change… not inventory of WHY I want change. I already know why; I know I love my husband and children, that’s a given.

The real question is why do I believe acting against my own priorities is the only choice? Do I unconsciously believe happiness is not possible for me… or worse yet, do I believe I don’t deserve it?

2- Then I would examine what I want instead. What actions would I rather be taking? What results would I prefer?

3- Why can’t I have this new, improved version of my life? What beliefs about business, about life, about myself are blocking my happiness?

This is a starting point. A place where self-examination can bring the change needed, so you can finally have it all, and live a life you love.
Want help exploring all this? Call me for a FREE 30-minute chat.

Great question! It's a question that perplexes so many successful entrepreneurs and executives.

Here are a few tips:
1- First, get clear about what you "don't want"
2- Afterwards, write out what you want instead
3- Then, ask yourself, why you can't have it. These are your limiting beliefs... Blocks which are keeping you from living the life you can love... the life you deserve!

If these beliefs don't serve you... choose again!

Questions about building work-life balance? Call me for a FREE 30-minute consultation. I can help.

A great business coach will help you craft achievement that includes success in business and a personal life you can love. I mean what's the point of building power and wealth, if you have no one to share it with.

If by loneliness you are referring to personal relationships, here is my advice.

Being an entrepreneur often requires everything you’ve… all your energy, creativity, and of course, all your time. It’s easy to fall into the trap of, “I will never find my perfect life partner because I work all the time… Besides all the good ones are taken! And anyway, no one would put up with my work schedule. I could never hold a relationship together and build this business!”

Yet maybe, just maybe these thoughts are concealing unconscious reasons why you remain lonely and doubting your ability to change all that. Short, concise thought exercises can bring blocks to the surface where you can consciously decide if they serve you or not! If not you are then free to choose beliefs that match what you want instead of what you don’t want.

This process can offer an alternative to clinging to an unfulfilling viewpoint… like the idea that overcoming loneliness is difficult and requires a huge investment of time; a scarce commodity for a busy entrepreneur! This doesn’t have to be true for you.

If you really want to live a life you love, then call me for a free 30-minute consultation. I can help you.

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