Martin WiedenhoffBusiness Consultant, Marketing

He is a seasoned professional with over 10 years of technology and marketing experience. Martin has lived in nine cities and five countries, speaks five languages and has worked for companies such as IKEA, Insight, CGI, Telus and Videotron. From social media to e-commerce and anything in between, he shares knowledge and views concerning upcoming trends affecting Canadian businesses and helps his clients make smart technology investments.

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Normally you don`t want to do 301 redirect of pages since it will gradually decrease "link juice" - a complete domain redirect to your site is an option. However if the WHOIS data is changed Google will pick up on this and reset what makes most sense to users i.e. if bounce rate is high you won`t really benefit from all this work. Did you buy the rest of the company also? If yes - a sister company for 12-18 months whilst you transition customers over to your domain is the best way to go. Look at it as a restaurant - different name/chef that wants previous regular customers to try out what the new management has to offer!

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