Yossi MlynskyFounder & CEO at Alt Tab Mobile

Hi there.... a bit about me
★ Founder @ Alt Tab Mobile (www.alttabmobile.com)
★ Designing & Building awesome mobile products for startups
★ Solid Product Management background in both startup and corporate environments including Product Manager @ Macquarie Bank (Online Share Trading)
★ Great at bringing together a team and building a business on a shoestring!
★ Husband & Father of 4
★ Looking for Advisors and guidance of how to take my business to the next level.
★ Would also like to help startups in any way, especially around development processes and mobile related stuff

See my full profile on LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/in/ymlynsky

Recent Answers

I would say the following
- If is is hard to pronounce or spell, I would adapt it
- I would NOT go for a totally americanized name like Mike, that is craziness.
- My name is Yosef, but I go with Yossi to make it easier. With my name Yossi Mlynsky - SEO of my name is great!
- I love the name Misha = stick with it.
- You can create a company or LLC for clients to send checks to.


I am a father of 5 children, the youngest 5 months and the oldest 8 years.

During this time, I started my own company 3 years ago. I have also recently been working on a new product that is just about to be released to market. 2 months ago, my 5 year old was diagnosed with Leukaemia (don't worry, he is doing fine), This involves spending a bunch of time in the hospital with him etc.. I know a bunch about managing a family while running a business. Some of my tricks:
- I choose to work with people who also understand the important of family time
- I work hard, but play hard too, happy to work 18 hours straight. But also expect to be able to turn off completely when needed.
- Manage people expectations. Book meetings and never miss them, not even 1 minute late. But if your workmate/client downs
- I work from home most of the time, so can quickly go inside and read the kids a quick story or drink a glass of wine with my wife.
- I use Asana, a great project management tool to run my business. I turn off notifications and when I have time to focus, I can process all tasks for all the projects I am working on.
- I am passionate about what I do, and somehow have been able to convince my wife in the same. I suppose without this point, you might have an issue. You need to be able to justify that spending some time away from the family is worth it.
- Realize that the first year is going to be pretty hectic, but you are not as important and needed as your would like to think you are. With all my kids, my deeper relationship kicked in from the age of 2 and above when I could take them to all sorts of cool places.
- Some advice for later. Keep sunday free for just family time, and take the kids to cool places!

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