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I am a success coach who supports high level managers & sales people to improve their health & longevity by adapting time for relationships, hobbies & things that matter most to them.
I use time management strategies I learned in the fast-paced construction industry to help high level management create a more balanced lifestyle that embraces aspects of life in addition to work/career. As life balances, health improves through reduced stress, and enjoyment of life increases" - "If you, or someone you know could benefit from my services, please contact me.

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Depends where you are starting from. I started as a 4 ft 3 in less than 90 lb kid... Finished as a 225lb bodybuilder in 4 years. I worked out with a lot of different philosophies. 25 years later I would go with good nutrition plenty of rest and hard work. Let me know if you require more info.

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