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Currently, Founder and Editor in Chief of Latina Seattle, a hispanic digital magazine and platform mainly focusing on things happening in Seattle and all Washington state. A tech fan, open source developer and passionate writer supporting others bringing their ideas online. I play and enjoy, daily, with online marketing, eCommerce and payment integration, effective web development, content strategy, affiliate content, Latinamerican communication, and even blogging with purpose. I have to mix tech and words and I 'll be happy all day.

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Ask for the higher equity possible. Sit down with the CEO and other cofounders if any. Talk to them about what they have in mind... don't tell yours yet... listen. With your experience, with your 4 months without receiving salary, watch out, be smart. Marketing if done right is a hard needed task in businesses. Be creative, that is part of what you do. But don't be intimidated. Come up with ideas for them to ponder if they are unsure of how to keep you. I would count how much of the equity is giving to whom in exchange of what, and position myself (for the remaining equity if possible in some situations). I've been in a couple of proejcts in where equities were study over certain months and open to renegotiate. I started in one business with 49% of it. We all decreased when we brought one more person. And finally my plan have an exit strategy in place. My intention was doing what I love doing, helping someone bring their idea up, delegate and train, and move forward. We are friends, and once in a while we (the ex cofounders) consult on each other expertise.

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I'd agree with a few of the answers you got.

All applications are done with code, even generated code. You're showing some level of technical skills that and some point could translate into businesses and roles. In businesses, we are here because we need people to help us move projects forward, solve solutions in any creative way and bring results. We appreciate our team have and understand that mindset. In your situation, you cannot 'compete' with any hard code 'expert' with lots of years of experience, but, who can be an expert today? in this so changing tech era, in where code , frameworks, business models integration and blah blah always popup. So, one thing for sure is learning and understanding, and, actually, following methodologies, basic fundamentals, techniques, and strategies that seems to work (general concepts about programming and how it relates to the type of project you are working on) - and this case may be hard for you knowing you may find yourself really limited.
You may not get into organizations that already have their requirements up front. But, there are flexible organizations and s/m businesses, start ups, that application requirements are so open - they want someone to help bring the idea up. Tehy need a piece of sotware that can integrate with their main software smoothly. To test, or to even run with law strategic features, who knows you can't do it?
Yes, I can see a path into junior dev roles. Even though you use automated platform to create apps, internally they are using one of the languages you mentioned, or a couple of them. It is relevant? for product improvements, for calable applications, for security and for performance, e.g. Yes! it is relevant to understand how all those pieces work together. But most of the time, you don't work alone. That is part of working with a good team.
Programming and development is a changing evolving career, in where there is constant improvements - in where you also find people too stuck and really closed minded. There are organizations for each situation -there are organizations who allows working in pairs. And In talking about methodologies to use, it is a good topic to learn from as well. Go as you feel fit and are able to bring something to the table. I am in Seattle, and there are few organizations I know some people get into them not because of hard coding experiences, but who have worked on passionate projects in where they did some sort of coding and offer a solution for a problem - that sells! sometime. Prove what you can do. When the business has or make money down the road, then they will strategize on how to address their technical needs and departments. At first, many startups don't even know where are they up to yet.
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