Roberto CaprioItalian, many years of business experience

Fluent in English, French and Italian. I have many years of hands on small business management in different countries. The basic strategic principles apply equally regardless of the economic reality of the business. I can add a lot of value advising start up projects sourcing from personal experience.

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I don't see a contradiction between philanthropy and getting paid a fair salary for the work you perform. Talent always needs to be compensated, lack of talent will eventually reflect in poor philanthropic results so I don't see an issue there. I am intrigued by the way you present the question because you say the main appeal of the business, is the philanthropic angle itself. If you achieve results and offer a service that caters to a real need, your customers will be willing to pay towards efficient delivery. One word of advice: be straightforward in the way you present your structure, if you hope to masquerade your intention to be profitable with clever PR you are likely to lose your customers' trust.

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