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Canadian entrepreneur, mentor, and early stage seed investor. Founder Launch Coworking, Oi Furniture, and Max Analytics. I bring ideas to market through sound planning, strategy, marketing, and execution.

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Find distribution channels and sell, sell, sell. If your selling a retail product see if you can sell it on Kijiji, Craiglists, Ebay, or Amazon.

Understanding your value is the cornerstone of your future consulting practice. The who and why are people going to hire you has to be obvious. Once you've figured out your value then you need to assign a price that is consistent with that value. Here is my example: http://catapultgrp.ca/engagements/

Without knowing your definition and intent behind "marketing strategy", you've asked a loaded question... I'll take a leap and assume you're looking to get the word out about your new site. With that in mind, and also presuming you know who and where you customers are, you'll want to focus your 'free' time reaching out to bloggers and media that care about unique watches. With an effective approach to these key influencers you might earn some 'free' publicity to their followers and fans.

Also, fathers day is coming up and their are a lot of writers looking for new and 'unique' fathers day gifts.

Regardless if you have a provisional or utility patent the most important thing is customers. The earlier you can sell to customers the more leverage you'll be to have to license your idea to a larger brand. As such, I would recommend you apply for your provisional patent and work smart to acquire customers and their feedback in the 12 months that you'll have.

Depending on if you're looking for custom textile manufacturing or just looking to find a textile line to buy and use will impact your approach to finding the solution your looking for. In either case, I would suggest you visit your local re-upholstery shops. Visiting 2-3 of these shops and asking them who they buy upholstery from will quickly help you understand who the manufacturers, distributors, and brands are.

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