Javier RamirezAgile CFOs

HEAD OF FINANCE 2015 - Present (8 months)
CFO - LATIN AMERICA 2011 - 2015 (over 4 years)
SR. FINANCE & OPERATIONS MANAGER - US AND LATAM MKTS 2007 - 2009 (about 2 years)
SR. FINANCIAL ANALYST 2001 - 2006 (about 5 years)
CFO - PARTNER 1996 - 2000 (about 4 years)

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Clearly have experience in the market and would love to learn more about your specific offerings. Please feel free to reach out to me to explore potential partnership.

Brazil is a difficult country due to its complex tax structure. However, Brazil is huge in software development and tech ventures; so I would recommend reaching out to some PEs or VCs that already invest in this sector and are open to save some bucks in office space by leveraging on the coworking space you offer. Also, there are many US companies that have just sales individuals in Latin America or Brazil; so reaching out to those companies through a marketing campaign linking US companies with US Realtors offering a guaranteed space with their initial investment could increase your cash flow to start building up offices. Hope this helps.

It's early to hire a regional CEO starting with an MVP. After launching more than 4 ventures in Latam; I've learned that the best ROI is to enter with a US based consultant or team that knows and understands Latin America as can help you save time, effort, and money. It would be ideal to pick two or three Latam countries and identify the market opportunity. Then, prepare a quick market assessment or SWOT to understand the entering barriers and what is needed to start generating some "fans" or sales. Once you have created some activity locally and have maybe identified some potential partners; it could be a good idea to find someone that could help you manage the future growth. You might find that offering 40% of revenue share plus a % in the patent may be too "expensive". Latin America works well when there is a long term plan (+8 to 10 years); short terms plans are not too profitable sometimes.

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