Josh KlemonsDigital Strategist, Social Media Expert

I'm a social media expert, with a specialty in digital storytelling, strategy and brand management. I work with brands of all shapes and sizes on finding, honing and telling their story online.

I've worked with tiny non-profits and solo-preneurs all the way to statewide and national political campaigns and Fortune 500 companies on building their social media presences, connecting with their audiences, building their brand and much more.

I believe greatly in empowerment and spend most of my time time training others to be great at what they do!

I speak, write, teach and live social media and I'm excited to work with you. You have a story... let's tell it!

Recent Answers

I often get the question: how many Facebook accounts should my brand have. (It is usually in relation to a brand expanding into additional locations, or new products/services.)

My answer is two-fold, but simple: Have as many accounts as you have stories to tell, and which you have the bandwidth to manage properly.

I'd rather see one page doing a good job of handling a few services or products, than multiple pages not keeping up with content or engagement.

I know you are asking a question bigger than a Facebook page, but I think the answer still applies.

-Is this new offering a whole new story (will it be targeted to a different audience/solve a different problem)?
-Are you confident in you and your team's ability to manage an additional brand?

If the answer to either or both of these questions is no, then there you go. If the answer for yes is both, then get your new house in order -- you are ready to split your brand!

I am a big fan of content marketing. Don't sell to your potential clients, become a resource for them. You will gain their trust, and when they are ready to buy, they will be excited to work with/buy from you.

I blog, email and share social media content on a daily basis, and I (almost) never pitch any product or service. I teach people how to do things for themselves. In the process, I help them learn something new, show them that there are things they didn't know they didn't know, and prove myself a valuable part of their community.

It's a longer version of a sales funnel to be sure, but I've found it to be a very successful, and even enjoyable, path to reaching new potential customers.

First of all, it is VERY important that you are uploading your videos natively to Facebook, as opposed to simply sharing a YouTube link. Facebook will penalize you for sharing the link, but greatly reward you for uploading the video natively.

Whether or not you are already doing that, the easiest way to get more views on a Facebook video is to run a video ad, thus boosting its reach. You can boost it just to your followers, to your followers and their friends, or to any targeted group that you think might enjoy it (people who like BBC perhaps, or people who follow politics). When it comes to video ads, a little bit of money can go a long way.

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