Craig TarrDigital & Interactive strategist

I bring 21 years of hands on experience across all aspects of interactive application development. My skills and expertise span Internet, analytics, social, security, UX and interactive technology.

Recent Answers

This is an I teresring market. Personally I have Chrome casr and Roku.

In my business work we are building Chromecast integrations to ease users ability to watch on mobile or push to their local TV. We also have built a few Roku channels as the platform has a lower barrier to developers.

AppleTV and KindleFire appear to have decent audience sizes but no where near the amount of channels available to watch/listen.

My feeling is that someone will start to team up with another and double audience side , giving way to more opportunity to engage. Similar to the cable & satellite battle happening with AT&T and DirecTV against Brifhthouse & Xfinity.

The technology is here, how do we make it easier for viewers to consume it.

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