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Having a smart call to action at the end of each blog post is generally a good practice. Make it stand out, and make sure to add value to the visitor by signing up.

I strongly recommend A/B testing (also called split-testing) your sign up call to action. That's the only way for you to improve the results of the signup rate.

In regards to the conversion rate it's extremely difficult to predict. Depends on your value proposition, quality of content, your industry and so much more. Best advice is just to get started and be smart about the a/b testing.

If you are running Wordpress I can strongly recommend OptinMonster to manage your call to actions. Unlike other solutions you won't have to pay a fortune, and it's very good.

I'd also like to throw some flame to the fire on the ever ongoing discussions about popups. They receive a lot of flak, but are extremely effective. You can expect up to 200% more signups by using exit intent popups. Again - make sure to offer value to the visitor.

Hi there. It's hard to tell from the limited information. In general - if the conversion rate is measured by purchase vs visits I would say it sounds good. Perhaps you could share a URL to your landing page?

In order to maximize the conversion rates you can use A/B testing to find versions of your landing page that is more effective. See some of our case studies and examples here

I guess it depends on your business model, but I prefer to go with an approach similar to what Kevin has done. My business manages the entire process from copywriting and design to coding, deployment and conversion optimization, both for desktop and mobile landing pages.

If you want a scalable business I'd recommend moving away from charging by the hour. There are only 24 hours a day, so that automatically limits your potential for revenue. You will be better off selling a 'product' that gives you infinite scalability.

I charge by month with an additional small startup-fee for the initial setup. That it's easy for the customer to know how much they pay for the monthly optimization while I make sure to get paid for the initial work.

Hope this helps. Feel free to call if you need more tips and advice.

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