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I founded Roadfire Software in 2010, and we've been bootstrapped, profitable, and proud since day one. I enjoy sharing what I've learned with others. In addition to consulting, I'm also teaching iOS and building products.

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You can learn a ton for free from Neil Patel if you have the time to implement his advice. I'd recommend reading some of the articles on his site and putting them into practice:

You can also subscribe to his email courses and ask specific questions in his recently released Traffic and Conversion Forum:

I don't work for Neil or have any affiliation - I've just been impressed with his credentials and found his advice to be incredibly valuable.

Only do things that move you closer to shipping. I'd also look at ruthlessly cutting scope so you can get your product out the door. Most importantly, focus on making consistent progress every day or week so you can actually ship your product and start getting revenue from it.

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