Katie ChristianBuilder & Top Customer Success Strategist

Current Head of Customer Success at Calendly, building the CS Team from Scratch.

Previously created and scaled the Salesloft Customer Success team to support all post-sale efforts (Success, Support & Onboarding) as we grew scaled beyond $35M in '14-'18. Let's talk.

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You can use SalesLoft to assist with making a connection at a distance via email. Simply setup an Cadence, run through the steps and then it'll automatically track and log emails to better connect with your prospects.

- KK

If you already have a small base ASK them to spread the word to their network. Be clear in your ask: do you want them to post on a specific social platform? Specifically send referrals?

Whatever it is make it worth their while. Swag, gift card, etc. Let me know if I can help further. - KK

- Zopim by Zendesk, it's very easy to setup and use. Our team of 5 love it!
- Create a Knowledge Base for top questions will help solve chats faster.
- If you're using a Mac, A-Text is a life saver. Simply text expander but makes a world of a difference when on chat.

Happy to help with more insight!

Great question, I was in a similar place in 2014. Since then we've increased focus all efforts to one medium, G2 Crowd. In 2015 we added over 85+ reviews and was voted Top SaaS Customer Experience this Spring! We had amazing company: Google, Slack & Hubspot, were also ranked.

It's an ask at the right time, if the feedback is so great most clients are happy to help. I'd love to share more, email or call!

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