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Read my reviews below. Twenty years of customer acquisition, business development, sales, marketing and lead generation experience. Co-founder of a SaaS patient payment company. I've built multiple business, acquiring hundreds of customers, using scaleable systems proven to quickly grow sales pipelines, generate revenue and retain profitable customers.

I’ll share actionable growth tactics proven to generate leads, acquire new customers and drive revenue, including:

1) Have a story to tell
2) Do things that don't scale
3) Target, Frequency, Message
4) The rule of 7
5) Pleasant persistence
7) B.A.N.T.
8) It's a numbers game
9) Get outside the building
10) Fit, Grit and Wit

I'll also share why purchased lead lists suck and discuss various proven methods you can execute to generate qualified leads, saving you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours.

Startup advisor and mentor. Previously: Vice President, Business Development @ Olive. Previously, Co-Founder of ePAY Healthcare; Sales @ Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and Black & Decker.

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There isn't one. You can find a list, but it's guaranteed to be overpriced and the contacts will be outdated. Email lists have a shelf life, but unlike milk or bread, their vendors never rotate the stock. This means regardless of their quoted acceptance rate, you'll overpay for an outdated list. Your best solution is to source your own list, particularly in this niche market, through strategic and targeted lead generation campaigns. Save yourself the wild goose chase of chasing something that doesn't exist. I've purchased lists in niche markets, was quoted high acceptance rates, but after testing the emails against an email validation service such as BriteVerify, found the deliverability rates to be less than half of what I was promised. After running into this same problem more than once, I've developed various lead generation tactics to quickly identify and qualify high quality leads and I'm happy to discuss these with you.

Pick up the phone. But first, have a crystal-clear value proposition. Healthcare is a highly competitive industry with thousands of vendors competing for providers' valuable time. Second, identify your target. Don't try to boil the ocean. Find a narrow segment with problems you can solve and identify the specific decision maker you need to speak with. This person must be accessible via the phone. Third, create a simple and concise message (elevator pitch) including: Who are you? Why are you calling? What's in it for me (WIIFM)? (all from the buyer's perspective). And deliver a confident alternative close, for example: "I'm sharing web-based demo next Tuesday and Wednesday, which day works best for you?" Always be grateful, never pushy, but pleasant persistence pays off. Finally, frequency is key. It's a numbers game. Calling on the right target, with the right message, and the right frequency, is the winning formula. You'll eventually secure a customer and deliver value. Then nurture the relationship, produce a case study, and develop a raving fan to leverage as a reference.

Happy to talk more if you have questions. Good luck!

To effectively track leads and opportunities one should consider a centralized web-based CRM solution such as Zoho or SalesForce.com for team collaboration, data preservation and relationship management. A static spreadsheet risks data loss if your computer crashes before hitting save and version control is a challenge. Since your contact data is constantly changing with tasks specific to each relationship and each lead's time frame, your method should include a task management system enabling notes and task scheduling for timely follow-up. Spreadsheets or websites lack these dynamic features.

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