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Founder of Past Head of Digital at BlackCitrus VC. Specialist in User Experience and Conversion Optimisation for Sharing Economy Marketplaces.

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I completely agree with Stephanie.

Once you've identified who you are, your values and what's important to you, it's then a matter of finding a problem worth solving.

Start by talking to the people you think you'd enjoy working with or helping. Find out what challenges they have in their life and look for a potential solution that would solve their problems.

Once you've found 3 or so problems you could potentially solve, match these against your blueprint mentioned by Stephanie.

Then go out and do some research. See what is out there, who your competitors are etc.

There are some great podcasts out there that may help inspire you. A couple of my personal favourites are
Internet Business Mastery
Fizzle (you'll like their content I think as they talk a lot about "Finding your thing")

Good luck!

Have you looked at They have some really useful and cost effective legal docs and services targeted directly to startups.

I've been looking at them myself recently.

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