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I think you need to follow your gut... No one has an answer for you.

Where do you want your life to be in 3 years?

Take your vision and reverse engineer the best way to get to your vision.

You are the author of your own book, chose how you want to live it.

My question is, why don't you spend the majority (if not all) of your marketing budget where your consumers eyeballs are? Right now, people are on their smartphones 95% of the day. Get your business online and on Social ASAP and stop waisting money on print. UNLESS your demographic are 60+ (they can still be reached on the older mediums). But get on social and do it right. Start off with a good VBM (Value Based Marketing), directly target your audience on FB, build awesome content, get a budget, and kick off. I recommend Instagram being another social medium to jump into. they're user base is growing exponentially.

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