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22% average annual rate of return over the course of 15 years. Retired multimillionaire by age 40. I specialize in hard asset investing fundamentals and market timing. The framework of these techniques can be applied by any investor. I can answer questions on specialized markets such as the major commodity futures, all rare and ultra rare metals, and real estate. My experience also gives unique insight into the history of most niche markets in the hard asset realm. I enjoy discussing the markets and do not believe all questions can or should be answered quickly in a short phone interview. If you have a challenging question I will gladly consider it and get back to you later for free.

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It is an extremely competitive field and it appears you are looking for substantial returns instead of modest success such as just keeping up with inflation. To succeed at getting high returns, a blanket piece of advice is that you have to be more knowledgeable than the vast majority of people investing in a given arena. For example if you are investing in tech startups you would probably need many years of experience and success in analyzing and/or starting tech companies. It is probably best to start with low expectations and gradually build knowledge for over a decade in your market before taking on more aggressive investments. Investing is no more of a road to easy money than any other field.

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