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Virginia Jimenez is a high performance business & life coach on a mission to help others make powerful and prosperous choices to break through self-imposed limitations and hidden wealth blockers & move forward.

She's a former corporate employee turned inspiring fitness instructor, entrepreneur, coach, ,speaker & podcaster. Virginia studied Business Administration and has a bachelor's in Finance from Florida International University, is a Landmark Forum graduate, Tony Robbins UPW fire walker and a certified Body Language Coach. Additionally she participated Robbin Maddens Coach Training & Gottman Relationship

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The first thing I suggest is to test the market. Go out there and see who you can help as a nutritional counselor. Start with your warm market. Treat this as you would an MLM opportunity.

Make a list of people contact them and see how they are. Ask them if they know anyone that could use guidance in improving their health. They may just say they're in need.

Hope that helped. Feel free to connect and explore more in a call.

All the best,
Virginia Jimenez

Passion may open the door to excitement but skills make it an actively revolving door where value in service or product is exchanged for valuable currency. Skills can trump passion unless you're very skilled at what your passionate about.

Some questions may want to be considered when considering a passion inspired business/career:

You may have passion but have you practiced this passion enough for it to be a valuable exchange (will someone pay you for it)?

What additional skills will you need to strengthen to make this passion a lasting business idea?

Is there marketability (is someone willing to pay for it?)?

Hope this helps. Feel free to connect and explore more in a call.

All the best,
Virginia Jimenez

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