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Extensive background in food (restaurants & catering) and marketing. Opened six restaurants, including my own personal bakery. I focus on a customer-centric approach for the optimal guest experience!

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The questions you are asking are insightful, but just based in theory. People visit restaurants for good food and good service. Regardless of what the theme or food type is, it has to be able to deliver good food with good service in a pleasurable atmosphere.
I don't know what the vacation question has to do with the restaurant.
Of course, all restauranteurs would like to franchise their idea and get a steady income stream. However, the restaurant must first prove it is a financial success, enough so that other people will pay you to replicate it (and in return you provide them support). WIthout even a solid concept yet, there is a long way to go before you can even dream of franchising.
I'd love to discuss this further with you.

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