Franz BruckhoffInnovator / research analyst fighting mediocrity.

Creator of iOS App Store chart hits Haze (ranked higher than Angry Birds in 2013), Thunderspace, Windy (~1.2M downloads in one day), Sunny and Away. 5,000,000+ customers. Two appearances in Apple commercials.

I combine art + technology in unexpected ways. Working since early 2015 as a VR / AI / biotech research analyst for a moonshot in stealth mode.

If you don't have a product yet, I will help you determine whether it's worth your time and resources.

If you already have a product, I will help you uncover potential for innovation. My job is to help make mediocre things great, and great things excellent.

Recent Answers

For iOS: Experience with ARKit and Metal.
For Android: Experience with ARCore and Vulkan.
For cross-platform solutions: Consider Unity for mobile AR with experience in developing native plugins, ARKit and/or ARCore, and optionally also 3rd party solutions like Vuforia to overlay digital content on physical objects.

In general: Some degree of experience with 3D production pipelines (Blender, modo, 3DS Max, etc), and if it's innovative, some level of higher math skills; In particular 3D transforms, 3D geometry (skills along the lines of those outlined in the book Multiple View Geometry for Computer Vision); Some general computer vision experience may be beneficiary as well, but not necessary as long as the goal isn't to innovate on AR technology itself.

Happy to tell you more in a phone call.

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