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People who can get results don't need contracts. Do you know who do contracts? People who can't generate results and have large overheads.

Big digital marketing companies with hundreds of clients struggle to get results because they got too many clients, especially in the same niche so they play a numbers game.

And their services end up becoming a sales game and their focus is generally on their big clients.

I do ZERO contracts. Clients pay you to make them MONEY. If you can't deliver then you can't ask them to continue to pay.

If you generate results for your clients they will continue to use your service with or without contracts.

So focus your efforts on making them money.

A lot of people will give you complicated answers where you will need a degree in rocket science to understand.

What to know what Digital Marketing is? Simple

Using the Internet to make money through various marketing methods tailored to your business.

That's the straight up blunt answer.


The reason you're looking at digital marketing is that you want to grow your business. Let the experts worrying about the mind-numbing stuff. You just want to know is it possible to grow your business through online methods and my answer is. YES.

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