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Successful entrepreneur involved in the dating and fitness niche. Currently exploring opportunities to advise early-stage entrepreneurs.

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aaah. I know your struggles. I have a dating app :)

At first we would get flagged and it was profoundly frustrating. What we did after was strictly a content marketing strategy with banner ads to download the application in each post and started seeing subscribers and downloads. Have you tried mobile banner ads on targeted apps? Works like a charm.

I am as solo founder and successfully raised three Angel rounds.It can be done.

Investors want a list of attributes to properly litigate their risk involved for first time entrepreneurs. Namely, you need to demonstrate you are sharp, expert in your field, have 'skin in the game', a cleary focus, understand market and contingincies. If you don't have a team, be honest and transparent that the funds can be utilized to outsource extra help.

What I recommend are the following suggestions
-Have a beautifully designed pitch deck
- Basic mockup website
- Social content following
-Master your presentation skills

If you have a proof of concept have solid numbers, google analytics/trends of your market share and competitors in a business plan start scheduling meetings. I can send you two links of a pitch deck I used to raise 40k and a video I frequently use as a reference to what angels look .

Hi there-
Solitaire would be a tough niche since it can easily be coded, there are clones floating around designed just to monetize off CPM. Anyway, If you have funds, consider penny banner ads targeted from other card game applications.

Yes. Well... it's more complicated. Some artists have restrictions and 'royalty free' does not necessarily 100% free. I have a list somewhere that explains usage rights. Most sites have this in their terms with restrictions. Please double-check where you are getting the source files from.

I have been through this and can understand his perspective.

A few things to consider
-What quarter is it?
-What terms were laid out in your LLC operating agreement
-Did you have recipts, everoted from mint or financial tracking ( if not do this right away to protect yourself)
-Did you spend money on a consulting draw/ working capitol
-Did you completely bleed the funds?
-Is the investor reasonable with the deliverables

I would take this request seriously yet abide by audit agreements. It takes a tremendous amout of time to share these deliverables. Each investor is different. VC's are more seasoned so request professional processes. If you need some pointer, ring me and i can share how to get more time or how to proceed without your investor getting paranoid they will lose their money.

Its TOUGH. I marketed a childrens book a long, long time ago when their advertising was less evolved.

My suggestions: Locate top mommy bloggers and pitch 'how to' related content for your book. Offer guest blogging and pitch 10- ideas for that given blogger. All it takes is one YES for you to have a flood of targeted , referral traffic. I can share how this is done if you would like

I agree with the Mturk idea.

You can also consider giving away the product once the survey has been filled. YOu can also directly add it to as a 'Thank You' pagee after your opt-in. Once a user says yes/agrees you will find it easier to simply ask. The survey naturally has to be quick, benefit driven and a reward attached.

Just my thoughts.
- Would buyer ward people off? If there is a benefit to your domain, that would be the first step to influencing.

It appears you are in the Elearning niche. Which i have some experience with. From split testing a dozen or so landing pages. Try removing all the prices entirely and focus on delivering value.The landing page might subcommunicate "this person is just trying to sell me rather than solve my problem". You will notice very few landing prices.With your years of experience as it appears I know a video explaining your story of would be immensely valuable to convert People don't pay for content, they pay for their pain point being solved :)


What current market, industry , niche or ecommerce are you in? Each requires a series of marketing tactics you can use to attract appropriate customers to your landing page and convert into buying customers.

For clarification. If I understand correctly, this is the womans business and you currently own the logo/word mark?

For starters. If you filed the mark yesterday. You still do not own it officially. There is a long process of showing proof of use and paying the government fees. If you were my creative and squatted on the mark, I would take offence. There are other ways to extend your services that you should consider before this tactic. I know that might not directly answer your question. But, she is a non-profit and it might be best way to cut ties off and prospect new clients. On the other hand - if you need a stash of proposals, i used to own a creative agency to send and help you get started.

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