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Serial entrepreneur with IPO experience
Business accelerator graduate
Worked with startups through Fortune 100 companies
Multiple tools to structure and grow your business
Coaching and mentoring for 11 years
Help with:
- Structuring your business
- Learning what your customers really need
- Running experiments to succeed
- Pivoting and Iterating
- Developing your team
- Hiring your next success stroy
- And more....

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Some thoughts...
- Free users are more like followers than paid users. Need to learn what paid users want. It is a very important distinction.
- When you say you chose best performing freebies, is that defined from use, your perspective, customer discovery???
- What pain are you solving with the free?
- What pain you solving with the premium version?
- Have you created a vitamin or a pain killer?

Let me know if you want to learn how to do great customer discovery and scale.

There is no one best way to land your first 100 clients out the gate. I recommend running small experiments with prospective target markets in order to sculpt the right message and identify the correct market/vertical. An example, I hypothesized that LinkedIn would be the best channel to reach family law attorneys. I proved out that Twitter was a much more successful channel.

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