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Hey! Are you a tech startup founder, a tech manager, or even a newbie engineer? Do you want to know more about the following?: I. Application Development Guide i.How to identify good to bad developers ii. Where to find good and expert developers iii. How to manage developers in a remote working environment effectively and efficiently. iv. How to choose what programming language/framework to use for your application. II. Deploying applications in the cloud using Amazon Web Services & Azure i. Managing AWS and how to use different services for your application ii. Knowing your cost before you actually setup your AWS infrastructure iii. How to take advantage of Amazon Free Tier iv. Deploying code on your Amazon seamlessly v. MS Azure deployment guide for your .NET Application. vi. Using MS Azure for your mobile web services. vii.Choosing between MS Azure or AWS for your cloud infrastructure III. Infrastructure Development: Cloud or In-house IV. Developing Service Oriented Architecture V. All About iOS Application Development - From Signing up to Deployment. i. Signing up developer/enterprise/ for personal/company account ii. Following iOS development guidelines iii. Apple Push Notification setup and deployment iv. Creating beta test using your itunes account for any user. v. Securing your applications If your answer is yes, then look no further. I have been in application development consulting for over 12 years servicing different clients worldwide. Now I'm bringing my talents here at Clarity to help managers, startup founders, or engineers needing expert advice to tackle different areas in software application development as mentioned. I am not a self proclaimed guru, neither I have worked to any tech giants such as Google, FaceBook, or Amazon, but what I can tell you is this--- Experience is STILL the BEST teacher. Do you have any questions?Do yourself a favor and stop wasting your time googling what to do. Pick up the phone and book a call.

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Apple cleary states the guidelines on what you can and what you can't sell on appStore from this guide:

IAPP basically applies to content or services WITHIN your app, say you want to enable content, like on games, or what to enable services to access some data within your app.

For the sample apps you gave, they dont need to have IAP within the app since they are offering a complete system which includes Admin and backend portal. The app is just a client that the system will use. You control transactions within the back end. Either you can bill customers based on trasactions made on the app, or based on subscriptions. In app purchase is good if you are developing iOS ONLY app, and dont want your users to log or use in any other systems, but if your developing a complete system where users will log on their admin account, see reports, pay bills, and most specially, if you want to own 100% (apple gets 30% for every earning you get on IAP) of your earning from your transaction, you can avoid using IAP.

For your second question, the reason is that, this app is published using an Enterprise account. If you are a company, you can signup for an Enterprise account instead of the normal developer account. What differs from an enterprise account is that you dont need to published it on iTunes and hence does not follow the normal app review process from apple. That means, you can develop any features you want without violating any guidelines that apple have set in publishing your application. Enterprise account is suited for company and organizations who have their own set of policies. Donwloading an app from an enterprise account needs users to trust on the settings, thus downloading from an unknown source is risky.

Hope the information above helps. If you have any more follow up quetions or any queries regarding your iOS app development, you can always book a call and I will attend to it dligently.

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