Dr. Shishir GuptaAngel Investment, Venture Capital, Idea Validation

I have helped more than 1000+ startups, 300+ raised funds. Invested in 132 Startup through StartupLanes.

Ph.D in Entrepreneurship with specialization in Venture Capital, LL.B. in Corporate Law, B.Com in Business, MBA in Finance.

#Founded first startup in year 2001 - 23 years of business experience.
#Directly connected to 4000+ Angel Investors, 50+ Angel Networks, 120+ VCs.
#Founder & CEO of StartupLanes, the Global Angel Network in 56 Cities across 15 Countries. StartupLanes was ranked No. 1 in the World as fastest growing tech company by Growjo, US.
# Investment Banker - Angel Investment, A Series for startups.
# Experience of AngelList - Connected to Angel Investors/VCs worldwide
# Mentor, Advisor & Consultant for Startups
# Author of Startup Easy - A Practical Guide | Buy here: http://amzn.to/2xDGZs6

Featured on CNBC Young Turks, TiE the Knot, Startup Weekend & Startup Grind.

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