Muhammad Umair GhufanFull Stack Developer | React Native | ReactJS

Hi Full Stack Developer who has experience with multiple technologies

My Core Tech:
- Full-stack development with MVC/MVVM architecture
- Shopify theme and app development
- Front-End Frameworks and Libraries (React.js)
- Back-End Frameworks (Node.js, PHP, Django, Ruby on Rails)
- Hybrid Frameworks(React Native, Ionic)
- API development (REST & GraphQL)
- Strong database management skills (MySQL, MongoDB, )
- Continuous Integration (Git, Github, Bitbucket)
- Ecommerce Solution
- AWS solution

Recent Answers

Your Site need more than 50+ Modification or Fixes because firstly your website design need to convert into User Friendly and Search engine Friendly Design some attractive Colors S schemes usage etc..
After that your site need to use correct CTA Its really important and another your Site need one of OFF Side Marketing Strategies one of free source Videos
Making Helpfull video that Somehow related to your Website niche and Share with Other's
Make some Value able content that refer your Website but its all of above strategies work when you changed your Website Designs
if you need any help free feel to message
Thank you so much for reading

Probably Not Mine answer because of some issue
Recently updates from google Anchor text most import topic on the eyes of google engineers,Anchor text Distribution is more important in Link Building May be your Site Ranked Some Time But Its not working Proper Because its lose your Visitors in Future

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