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With more than a decade of experience in top services firms (Technology products and financial products), being an ex-VP in Client servicing area, and realizing the impact good client servicing can have in keeping and growing your brand- I do know what you are talking about! The sectors which I feel need the most are- new/few years old startups (specifically service startups), they are so busy managing acquisitions, that they are forgetting servicing and retaining their already existing customers despite knowing that switching costs for these customers are ZERO and their competitors- many! Also, telecom & product support companies are lagging in this area. Hope this helps. I will be happy to have you arrive at a personal business plan for you to start building your training business in this area. Pls feel free to schedule a call or email me at ceo@flatheels.co

You may want to produce balance sheets and/or monthly a/c balances instead of giving access to all transactions & books. He is an investor and would be naturally keen to understand how his money is doing; however, as the owner and 50% equity holder, you may want to reserve the right to accessing all transactions.

Being an entrepreneur myself, having led large organization in my previous role as VP and being a personal/executive effectiveness coach, I have found that focus is a very intrinsic characteristic, however, a dedicated mentor or a coach can help you stay on-track, accountable and pull the triggers on deviations. These are definitely worth the investment if focus & procrastination are attributes you notice in yourself. Feel free to drop me a note and we can discuss on steps ahead.

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