Ryan BilodeauFounder of The Gift Card Project

Small business owner & author. Founder of http://giftcardproject.com. Ardent about helping the homeless. Big fan of marketing, writing, sports, poetry, politics & hip-hop.

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The first step is always creating a product worth sharing. The second step is always paying for ads. The third step is always praying that your product takes off.

It depends on the type of startup and the users its products are aimed at reaching. Twitter is best for influencing the influencers whereas Instagram would best target a younger audience. These days Facebook is, on the other hands, increasingly used by an older audience (35-55).

Limiting your expenses is always the quickest way to save money. Budget every penny and stick to it. If you are currently working, then try obtaining an additional stream of income like driving for Uber with your aforementioned car.

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