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This is a difficult question to answer without a lot more info, but I'll share some high-level strategy.

1) Develop your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) in your new markets. Until you do this, you're just "doing stuff" without clear direction.

2) Identify the likely decision-makers in your market. If you're not sure, start calling some of the companies that match your ICP and ask questions.

3) Build a list of people who match the decision-maker role at your ICP companies and start asking questions. It may take some effort to get people on the phone, but it will be well worth your time to understand your prospects?

4) Using what you've learned, create an outbound marketing and sales strategy with companies in your ICP as your outbound targets.

I hope that is helpful.


I think you're looking at this the wrong way. Your customer acquisition cost is not something you should benchmark against other businesses. Without knowing more, like your short and long-term goals, it's impossible to answer.

Two companies with similar business models may have different answers to this question. A venture-backed startup trying to keep up with aggressive revenue goals may be able to stomach an astronomical CAC. A bootstrapped startup that is not seeking venture money may aim for slower growth and much lower CAC.

I suggest setting up a call with a marketing or finance expert to determine what CAC is appropriate for your company and how to get there.

If you're a relatively new startup, I would think twice before hiring a remote salesperson. Despite the potential for saving money and the timezone alignment, there are several downsides:

- Unless you (or other leaders) have experience in sales leadership, you should be learning from your sales reps every day. This is unlikely to happen with remote salespeople.

- Properly interviewing and vetting a candidate is much more difficult if the process is not conducted in person.

- In order to realize significant savings, you must recruit from a candidate pool with far fewer experienced SaaS salespeople.


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