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Author, Founder & Chief Optimizer, Webdirexion LLC - an online marketing agency. Author, "The Marketer's Concise Guide to CRO," a book about testing tips, tactics and tools to help you gather more qualified leads. College Instructor.

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Hi Zach -

Conversion rate increases will come via a combination of:
1) Clarity of value proposition.
2) Perceived competitive value.
3) Strength of your current offer/promotion.
4) How you marshal the persuasive elements on your landing page(s).

Sounds like you are benchmarking some of the competition. Good. I think you use Clickbank? I am familiar with it. I would recommend at least one A/B test to find a landing page that will increase your conversions. Let's talk, and I will follow with a mark-up of your page for what you can test.

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