Sean MalarkeyDigital marketing expert. Webinars are my forte!

Social Media, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Building Systems & Business are my passions. In the last 6 years I have built a multi million dollar Marketing & Education Business with zero outside funding. I have consulted fortune 500's to "one man shows" on Social Marketing & Business.

Outside of the above passions I love helping people - there is great reward for me in helping individuals or corporations overcome obstacles in their marketing & business. Seeing advice turn into someones new reality fuels me.

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Are you looking to serve more people vs 1-1? If so webinars are a great format. In fact I think that often times group learning can be more powerful as many ask questions that others have but don't realize they had. So the learning is often times a greater experience in a group fashion.

What steps to take? Market to your audience your service and how it will be conducted via a webinar. Your fee for this type of training should be considerably lower and therefore appeal to your client base.

Hope that helps.

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