Dan MarquesStartup Builder & Fixer - Business + Tech Advisor

Startup Expert (11+ startups), strategic + hands-on
Expert Business and Technology Advisor, helping build and fix businesses.

Currently building a startup (Drones - Security), with several more planned in the near future (Drones, green energy, business networking, etc).

Nearly 30 years of experience helping, building, and fixing Startups and traditional businesses, with experience in many industries : EdTech, Music, Healthcare, AdTech, Marketing Automation, Product Manufacturing, Security, Government, Finance, Fashion, Professional Services, Elder Care, etc

I can provide expertise and help with :
- building sustainable, scalable, and healthy business models
- defining efficient monetization strategies
- finding and expanding market segments
- architecting software products and platforms (web / SaaS, Mobile, Desktop, Virtualized)
- building supporting infrastructure and tools
- crafting overall business strategies
- preparing for investor pitch

Recent Answers

I agree with some of the other answers here: At this stage, you need to stop and review your product, your market, your monetization strategy and your burn rate.

Before attempting to pivot, raise more money, or shutdown, try this simple exercise that can help you get a clear 50,000ft view :

- Gather in a room 4-6 people who understand your product and your market. At least 1-2 should be outsiders (not employees)

- Build a first CANVAS (Business Model Generation : Read the book!) on a white board. This will help you think in depth about your value proposition(s), your Customer Segments, Channels, revenue streams, cost structure, etc.

- Let the people in the room give suggestions, write up to 3 elements per block, up to 3 words per element: This will force you to be concise and get straight to the 'meat' for each answer

- If there are multiple possibilities. as is almost always the case, create multiple canvases, one per hypothesis.

This can help you gain much better clarity (no pun intended) and unearth current challenges as well as new opportunities.

Good luck.


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