Will GrantUX/UI, Product guy, Startup co-founder & CTO

Will is a web technology entrepreneur with 15+ years'​ experience leading teams on the "front line" of the internet at the intersection of technology and usability.

After his Computer Science degree, Will trained with Jakob Nielsen and Bruce Tognazzini at the Nielsen Norman Group - the world leaders in usable design.

Since then Will has overseen the usability, architecture and scalability of powerful web sites that are easy (and even fun) to use.

Will co-founded Droplet in 2011 - a startup technology company, Droplet is a mobile payment & loyalty platform, an app for iOS and Android, and a way for merchants to connect with their customers in better ways.

Key projects include work for:

• London 2012 (london2012.com went on to win a Webby award)
• Channel 4
• Department of Health
• Department for Communities and Local Government

Specialties: Usability, interaction design, mobile & web apps, fintech, startups, business development, user interfaces (and experience), security, machine learning, artificial intelligence, disruptive ideas and technology.

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If you can make a product which users are prepared to pay for - even in a basic 'minimum viable product (MVP)' sense, then you can 'bootstrap' your way to profitability. Not having money up-front is actually a positive. You focus, laser-like, on building something of value that users are prepared to pay for. Then, with a working product and business model you'll find it much, much easier to raise money - and at a decent valuation. If you'd like to read more, Paul Graham or the guys at 37signals have written plenty online about starting up in this way. Happy to talk on a call if you're interested in learning more on this approach.

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