Andy KimUX lead @Google; ex UX lead @Amazon (6yr)

I will provide you with effective and actionable insight bespoke to your current needs. I'm a current UX lead @ Google; ex UX lead @ Amazon (6 yrs); Entrepreneur 4x w/ 1 exit; investor & mentor

Over 23 years of product, programming & design experience for startups and for some of the most successful companies in the world like Google and Amazon.

Good design should be empathetic, efficient, effective and empowering. I've been extremely fortunate to have billions of people globally use my products across these industries: AI, e-commerce, branding, hardware, maps, automotive, finance, entertainment, health, music, advertising, enterprise, real estate, and more.

I try to provide clear, actionable guidance in the shortest amount of time possible. To do this, this is the typical breakdown of my calls:

1. Understand the business
2. Understand the product goal or problem (or top 3)
3. Define the ask(s)
4. I provide specific feedback to the asks
5. I provide broad feedback to the product
6. Customer ends the call equipped of next action items and is happy (hopefully)

Recent Answers

Based on my experience of raising capital and investing myself - If it is truly a for-profit business, you must have a business model already, which means if it is 100% free for (I assume) users, it must be sponsor-based (ads, sponsorships, etc). In order to raise money effectively & quickly, you need to show proof the business model is working. The more you show, the quicker you can raise. It's really important that you also show runway and (conservative) growth projections so investors can see how their money will impact your growth.

Totally open for a call if you have other questions.

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