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Looks like an e-commerce platform, so you'd be well suited to AngelList (, where there is a lot of expertise on Web2 and SAAS. This is really the best platform for making yourself visible to investors.

Very little. At the angel/seed stage, they're investing in the founders, so there's no expectation of patents, etc... They might check that you're incorporated in good standing, and ensure you have a solid startup/corporate lawyer, and have good employment and IP ownership agreements with your staff and contractors, and that's about it.

I know some accelerators and angels (eg. Vancouver's GrowLab) actively seek founders from other countries - they've had mutliple startups come through from Romania for example. Also, 500Startups is working very hard to expand internationally, even launching programs in India, etc. Reach out to those organizations.

Just find a Wordpress theme for it, I expect if you google "wordpress theme business plan" you'll find many free and paid options, select the one you like, and you can have your b-plan website up in no time either self-hosted or on

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